Changing Faces

Changing Faces

1) Changing Faces is an American female R&B duo popular in the mid 1990s. The group consisted of members Cassandra Lucas (born in Spanish Harlem, New York) and Charisse Rose (born in The Bronx, New York).

* 1995 Changing Faces
* 1997 All Day, All Night
* 2000 Visit Me

* 1994 "Stroke You Up" #3 US
* 1994 "Foolin' Around"
* 1995 "Keep It Right There"
* 1996 "I Got Somebody Else"
* 1997 "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T." #8 US

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Changing Faces - G. H. E. T. T. O. U. T. (1997)
changing faces - stroke you up
Changing Faces - Foolin' Around (1994)