De Boetners

De Boetners

De Boetners saw the light of day during the Zwarte Cross Festival 2011. The absence of Eric Vreuls inspired the band so much that Kevin Raayman (vocals and guitar) and Koen Büttner (guitar and backing vocals) decided the write a song. Currently the band has four hits with ‘Woar is Eric?’ (2011), ‘Siebes Geet Deur’ (2012), ‘Noar de Klote’ (2013) and the popular summerhit ‘Goa Je Met (Noar Mien)'. The band released their debut album 'A-j Moar Schik Hebt' on 24 May 2014. Read more on

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de Boetners - Later (As I-j Groter Bunt) (Official Video)
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