I Land Sound

I Land Sound

Sadama , Estonia

12 - 15 Juillet 2018

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  • I Land Sound is a landmark in the picturesque beautiful Illiku. The request to leave troubles and material for a while away, bringing the best of the best in the beautiful nature and open air, which is to be given in music, art, cooking, and summer in Estonia. One decent jumper for sea air and a ferry ride takes your mask away and on the other side you find yourself.

    When the Illik reaches the island of Saaremaa, the temporal dimension disappears and every awakening is marked. Here is the space for human, city and animal equally, and the size of an individual is defined by the size of his heart. The island has a habit of saving, and this is also the case with I Land Sound, which pioneers, artists and local community of electronic nightlife joins the enrichment event. Three unique days and indelible memories.


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