Piotr Górny born 8 March 1980 in Poznań, Poland. He's known as DonGURALesko, Gural, DGE, DJ Dziadzior, Hardkorowy Papa. Polish rapper, represents braggadacio style. He started to rap in 1994 in Rapscalion X, underground group consisting of, except him, Kaczor, Kuk, Orzech. Later, it was renamed to Killaz Group. He's a co-founder of PDG Kartel, a hip-hop group of rappers, mixers, beatmakers and DJ's. He is mainly known of his rough and harsh style, flawless flow and being the only worth-calling bragga rapper. Read more on

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02. donGuralesko - El Polako (bit Matheo)
donGURALesko - Chcę Ci Dać feat. DJ Cube (prod. Tasty Beatz)
donGURALesko - Gdybym (prod. Tailor Cut)

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