There are 2 bands named Snowman.

*An ambient/tribal/noise 4-piece from Australia, now based in London.
* an audio-visual post-rock project from Poland.

SNOWMAN [Australia/London]

SNOWMAN is an ambient/tribal/noise 4-piece based in London. They originally formed in Perth, Australia in 2002. The lineup consists of Joseph McKee, Andy Citawarman, Olga Hermanniusson and Ross DiBlasio.

Their sound has been described as tribal, hypnotic, futurist and mechanical. Read more on

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14 Juillet 2018 13:00 Rynek

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Snowman - Znów jesteś sobą (official video)
SNOWMAN - Niezmiennie (Official Video)
"Gwiazdozbiór Strzelca" Snowman (official audio - radio edit)

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