Ruamjai is a mixed choir of about 20 singers that functions under the Departments of Music and Education at the University of Jyväskylä. At present the age of the singers varies between 18 and 26. Ruamjai was founded in the year 2000 as many of the oldest singers of Vox Aurea (the children’s choir of the music classes in Jyväskylä) wanted to continue with their hobby. So far Ruamjai has concentrated on different singing traditions and music cultures from around the world: from the middle ages to present Read more on

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14 Juillet 2018 13:30 Iholla-sali
13 Juillet 2018 22:15 Laulureki

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'Baba Yetu' in Africa (The Lord's Prayer in Swahili) Members from BYU Men's Chorus (Christopher Tin)
Nader my god by u, Ruamjai kuoro
Ruamjai - Kaipaava

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