À propos de ce festival

Limfjordsfest is organized by the association Limfjordsfest and the profits go to six local associations in and around Vester Hassing. The six associations are Stae Borgerforening, Vester Hassing Borgerforening, Vester Hassing Riding Club, Vester Hassing Skytteforening, FDF Vester Hassing and VHG Håndbold.

Throughout the years we have had a musical visit of, among other things, Dodo and the Dodos, DJ Kato, Muddi and Salamidrengene, Johnny Deluxe, Østre Gasværk, Zididada, Vejgaard Tårnblæserlaug, Sigurd Bjørnetime, Anne Linnet, The Dance Orchestra, Sys Bjerre, Brian Rice, Le Freak and a lot of local bands from Vester Hassing and opland - including our local heroes Anders & Co.


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