Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

1 - 3 Août 2019

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  • Lovefest is a unique cultural platform from Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, aiming to promote music, art and urban culture of youth. The festival started in 2007 as a Love bridge party and already a year after it made its debut as one of the hottest music events in central Serbia.

    In 2012 Lovefest got its recognition from the Ministry of youth and sports as the biggest youth festival in the country and only a year after it was nominated by UK Festival Awards for the best overseas festival.


    Lovefest Soki Karabajić
    Lovefest Huang Chang
    Lovefest Tijana Lucic
    Lovefest Nuno Frango
    Lovefest Josip Žamić
    Lovefest Antonio Panevski
    Lovefest Adrian Voichitescu Andrei

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