Jordan Suckley

Jordan Suckley

Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people’s tongues wag on the dance scene over the last year. In the short time of 3 years that he has been performing out in clubs, he was picked up by the almighty PFAgency as a fresh signing for 2009, which is also host to other artists such as Eddie Halliwell and John O’Callaghan...

A few months on and Jordan was crowned the new Goodgreef resident to follow in the footsteps of previous stars such as Eddie Halliwell, Alex Kidd, Adam Sheridan, Barry Connell and Shan. Read more on

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Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones - Hijacker (A.R.D.I. Remix)
Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley - City Of Sound (Liquid Soul Remix)
Enigma T Rip ––– Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones – Hijacker {Chris Schweizer Remix} {ASOT 779 Rip}–enTc