Malmöfestivalen André Cruz
Malmöfestivalen Mathias Oliver Clausen
Malmöfestivalen Stella Vano-Ohlsson
Malmöfestivalen Jasmin Kara
Malmöfestivalen Edvin Olsson
Malmöfestivalen Kim Winsløw
Malmöfestivalen Katrine Porskrog
Malmöfestivalen Fab Cor
Malmöfestivalen Carl-Johan Svensson
Malmöfestivalen Marie Sundström
Malmöfestivalen Ina Hellman
Malmöfestivalen Monica Lundin
Malmöfestivalen Philip Barnard
Malmöfestivalen Mikaela Gunnesson
Malmöfestivalen Emma Eriksson
Malmöfestivalen Pär Larsson
Malmöfestivalen Andreas Hattenbach
Malmöfestivalen Andreas Frost
Malmöfestivalen Luciano Bellucci Boss
Malmöfestivalen Kari Heiskanen
Malmöfestivalen Arne Svensson
Malmöfestivalen Helena Persson
Malmöfestivalen Krister Sjöström
Malmöfestivalen Daniel Sigstedt
Malmöfestivalen Rickard Mårtensson
Malmöfestivalen Katarina Renkert
Malmöfestivalen Patrik Hartwig
Malmöfestivalen Laurent Veilleux
Malmöfestivalen Nicolas Maraca

À propos de ce festival

Keep in mind that we have celebrated together every summer for over thirty years! The Malmö Festival was born in the summer of 1985 and was already the largest event in Malmö history since the Baltic exhibition in 1914. The Malmö Festival is actually Sweden's oldest festival, rich in traditions but never wanted to get caught up.


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