There are nine artists with this name:

1. A heavy metal band from Portland, Oregon
2. Female fronted hardcore/beatdown from Brisbane, Australia.
3. A female horrorcore rapper from Dallas, TX
4. A UK82 band from england
5. A rapper from The Bronx, New York
6. A Hardcore band from Renton, WA
7. 90s style hardcore band from Pennsylvania, US
8. A melodic thrash band from Finland.
9. A hardstyle duo from Italy

1. Malice is a heavy metal band from Portland, Oregon initially active from 1980 to 1989. The band reformed in 2006. Read more on

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Malice - 6 Feet from the Edge (Feat. Scott Something Or Other From Creed)
Malice "Sweet Home California" LIVE Helsinki Finland 2004
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