1. Thrasher (Gareth de Wijk) is a Dutch drum 'n' bass DJ hailing from Rotterdam.
His style is best desribed as energetic, as he puts it himself.

2. The Thrasher - project was put together by an assortment of New York based musicians upon the instigation of Combat Records.

Produced, directed and arranged by The Rods drummer Carl Canedy in partnership with Blue Cheer's guitarist Andy 'Duck' McDonald, the 'Burning At The Speed Of Light' album was issued in Britain through Music For Nations. Read more on

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The Hard Way a.k.a. Limewax, Bong-Ra, Thrasher - Pentagram Of Coke (Original Mix)
The Hard Way a.k.a. Limewax, Bong-Ra, Thrasher - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (Original Mix)
Q-BASE 2012 | PRSPCT Anthem | Limewax vs Thrasher - The Expensive Squat Party Anthem