Masters of Rock

Dernières histoires


Masters of Rock Milhaus Céňa Cerman
Masters of Rock Tomasz Wlaźliński
Masters of Rock Matej Hudak
Masters of Rock Lars Svedlund
Masters of Rock Galina Gancheva
Masters of Rock Julia Alpatova
Masters of Rock Štěpán Filgas
Masters of Rock Maroš Vitoul
Masters of Rock Kris Lein
Masters of Rock George Jäger
Masters of Rock Doru Nicoară
Masters of Rock Jarka Carachová

À propos de ce festival

Masters of Rock is a hard rock festival in Vizovice, Czech Republic. Every year tens of thousands of fans descend upon the festival to worship the power, speed and distortion of rock and metal.

This four day festival of no holds barred hard rock is one of the biggest events in the Czech Republic. International genre leaders such as Mötorhead, Def Leppard, Slayer, Anthrax, Dream Theatre and more have all played the festival.

Taking place on the vast grounds of the Rudolf Jelínek distillery, this is a classic open air festival. No fuss, no muss, just some of the best music two guitars, a bass and drums can produce.


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