Monte Mapu
Monte Mapu

À propos de ce festival

MONTEMAPU (Lets save the Earth) "Written in Mapudungun,the native tongue of Chile, of the Mapuche tribes or Araucanians, as named by the Spanish". This name is born with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the problem that exists at this time in the world. Our production team BPMS, along with urban Chilean tribes and also from the abroad, have created this festival for the understanding and awakening of human consciousness, in relation to our natural surroundings. (March 2008) . For that reason, we have shaped and given substance to "MONTE MAPU", for which we have chosen to make this festival primarily aimed at creating awareness amongst the population, especially in young people. Our objective is to deliver a cultural, artistic, musical production which will entertain our audience, but also, it will permit us to create awareness and provide information which will help form an understanding of the current critical state of the planet. It is also our intention to provide the basic tools which will allow crucial support for the ecosystem and the personal developments of people as human beings.


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