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Moonrise Wayne Doughty
Moonrise Brisa Fernanda Novoa Bravo
Moonrise Mike Lafond
Moonrise Todd Walker
Moonrise Jacob Teven
Moonrise Philip Butler
Moonrise Brandon Stiles
Moonrise Rafaella Gioffre
Moonrise Ty Balcombe
Moonrise Briana Lynn Burgos
Moonrise Luke Looney
Moonrise Dakotah Jennifer
Moonrise Claudia Young
Moonrise Ben Staats
Moonrise Sam E. Lawrence
Moonrise Jake Kelso
Moonrise Carmen Muglia
Moonrise Audie Mauldin
Moonrise Theresa Marie
Moonrise Alissa Rogge
Moonrise Olivia Shipfam Chovan
Moonrise Justin Desimone
Moonrise Victor Perez
Moonrise Elliott Rs
Moonrise Mikhaela Clavio
Moonrise Mathew Boldman
Moonrise Briana Civic
Moonrise Vincent Potente
Moonrise Gabrielle Kamson
Moonrise ClarDarian Davis-Hanners
Moonrise Emily L. McArthur
Moonrise Marissa Boyd
Moonrise Daniel Miller
Moonrise Brittney Lamb
Moonrise Ariana Williams
Moonrise Naddia Estelle
Moonrise Katy Davis
Moonrise SethandAmanda Kennedy
Moonrise Ray Puglisi
Moonrise Kenji Greenstreet
Moonrise Zamore Jordan
Moonrise Cristian Dior
Moonrise Alexa Perry
Moonrise Jimson Lima
Moonrise Keri Wagner
Moonrise Stephanie Lynn Mcallister
Moonrise Андрей Берн
Moonrise Alyson Commons
Moonrise Jeleni Fernandez
Moonrise April Lane

À propos de ce festival

Steez Promo and Club Glow present the Mid-Atlantic region's premier music event, Moonrise Festival,
which returns to Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD on Saturday, August 11th and Sunday, August

Since its debut in 2014, Moonrise Festival has grown into one of the most anticipated East Coast
festivals of the summer, and has presented the industry's top acts. Moonrise Festival touches all corners
of the dance floor with styles spanning from heavy-hitting bass to hip hop, live electronic acts to house
music, and everything in between. The event also features art installations, a sprawling vendor village,
amazing food and beverages, stylish VIP lounges, and more.


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