There are various artists who use the name Miro.

1) Mads Arp & Steen Thøttrup has released records by the name Miro since 1990. Appeared on more than 250 compilations, released 50 x 12" on labels such as Hooj Choons, Effective Records & Skyline Records. Appeared on Cafe del Mar more than 10 times and released tunes such as Emotions of Paradise, The One I Run To and By Your Side. www.miromusic.com

2)Miro(slav) Pajic: Along with Marc Acardipane (the Read more on Last.fm

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Miro - The Cure (Sunshine Mix) . HQ
Miro - Resonance (ft. Q'Aila)
Miro - By Your Side (Illinton Chilled Mix)

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