Aka Aka

Aka Aka

Cotumo & The Ascent met behind the decks in spring 2008 at one of those openair parties which start as a gathering for friends and overflow in a park-rave of thousand euphoric people.

Has been establishing his reputation as a well known DJ in Berlin since 2004 with his DJ-sets at Clubs like the WMF, Arena or Ritter Butzke and at many festivals in and around Berlin. He has also spun records at parties in London, Wales, Turin, Graz, Zurich and Moscow and is also known for his radio broadcasts on stations like Deepmix. Read more on Last.fm

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Stereo Express , AKA AKA & Thalstroem - When I'm With You feat. Shimmy Timmy (Original Mix)
Stereo Express, Thalstroem, AKA AKA - When I'm With You Feat. Shimmy Timmy (Sakso Remix)
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