NorthSide André Cruz
NorthSide Mathias Oliver Clausen
NorthSide Ditte Ganer-Kaasgaard
NorthSide Indie Festivals Debut
NorthSide Ole Juul Madsen
NorthSide Andre Filipe
NorthSide Martin Anx Schøn
NorthSide Marc Mayland Jensen
NorthSide Katrine Porskrog
NorthSide Lars Pilegaard
NorthSide Samantha Kathleen Findlay
NorthSide Peter Binne Larsen
NorthSide Christina Woetmann
NorthSide Stine Vittenkham Mikkelsen

À propos de ce festival

NorthSide is a multi-genre music festival in Aarhus, Denmark. Offering a lineup of some of the biggest and most influential artists in music, this festival is making a run at best festival in the country.

Every year NorthSide sets new records for itself. Last year the festival grew to 40,000 people and still sold out early.

Along with putting on a great party, NorthSide takes its green initiatives quite seriously, becoming a 100% organic festival and winning the A Greener Festival award for its continued dedication to sustainability.

Announced Artists 2019


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