Open Flair

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Open Flair Julia Lang
Open Flair Nastassia Rainer
Open Flair Lars Choryza
Open Flair Stan Ley
Open Flair Tobias Vigl
Open Flair Florian Schäfers
Open Flair Carsten Welslau
Open Flair Nathalie Klar
Open Flair Daniel Göppert
Open Flair Jonas Rasche
Open Flair Simon Tuschke
Open Flair George Jäger
Open Flair Jamal Pur
Open Flair Alina Taylor
Open Flair Frank Boerner
Open Flair Desirée Belß
Open Flair Joanna Voigt
Open Flair Jacki Henning

À propos de ce festival

Open Flair is a heavy rock festival in Germany that has over 30 years experience in mixing international artists with homegrown talent.

Held in the small town of Eschwege, the festival has showcased the likes of Sum 41, Rise Against, Enter Shikari, Biffy Clyro and even Iggy Pop in its intimate, country town setting.

But alongside those is a diverse lineup of German artists, demonstrating the dedication Open Flair has to nurturing the country's rock music scene, giving a vital platform to local bands it believes can make it on the global stage.

Previous Performing Artists

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