New York City, New York, United States
27 - 29 Juillet 2018
Electronic, Rap & Hip Hop, World, Pop

À propos de ce festival

Panorama NYC is a giant rock, pop, electronic and hip-hop music festival in New York City. The biggest artists in the world play in front of one of the globe's most iconic skylines.

Lineups are always a beauty to behold, and the third edition will keep the energy high as nearly loyal fans show up in their masses each year.

Brought into life by the team behind Coachella, Panorama looks like it has established itself among the stars of NYC's festival calendar.


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Panorama Jessica Succardi
Panorama Huang Chang
Panorama Patrick Donahue
Panorama Jacob Teven
Panorama Savana Marie
Panorama Philip Butler
Panorama Jason L Webb
Panorama Jayson Maiorano
Panorama Dakotah Jennifer
Panorama Jake Tibbetts
Panorama Jake Kelso
Panorama Dubem Fernandez Anumba
Panorama Tina Finamore
Panorama Christian Engelstoft
Panorama Matt Casale
Panorama CA Bloy
Panorama Victor Perez
Panorama Joseph Tyrone Reed
Panorama Fab Cor
Panorama Gabrielle Kamson
Panorama Emily L. McArthur
Panorama Cooper Dreyfus
Panorama SethandAmanda Kennedy
Panorama Leanne Gale
Panorama Parker King
Panorama Daniela Nieto
Panorama Mari Moon
Panorama Jhony Gerardino