À propos de ce festival

The RAGNARÖK Festival is the first, largest and thus most important Pagan Metal Festival in Germany.

The origins lie in the small town Hollfeld. In 2004, several hundred visitors celebrated mostly local bands such as Obstinacy and Circle of Obscurity, with organizer Ivo Raab playing bass on stage.

Nevertheless, the story of the festival reads like a hard metallic fairy tale that so much in the favor of the fans with a more than quadrupled visitor rush in the second issue, that in 2006 from Hollfeld to Lichtenfels moved to give more fans the opportunity their now to pay homage to pagan idols. For the first time on two days and with a multitude of bands perhaps even more then known then. In the meantime, almost everything that has rank and name in the scene has given the honor for you and rocked the city hall (s).


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