There are at least two different bands called BETHEL. One is a Polish reggae band, the other is a Finnish Black Metal band.

1.) Melodic Black Metal from Finland. They released two demo tapes, "Northern Supremacy" in 1997 and Northern Despondency in 2017. Band's vocalist/drummer Sir Holm founded Death Metal band DEVILRY after BETHEL split-up. "Bethel" is Hebrew and means "House of God"

2.) Young Polish reggae band teamed up in Wroclaw, December 2006, founded by Gregory Wlaźlak. Read more on

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Bethel feat. Enej - Noc (official video)
Bethel - Zabrali mi skrzydła (Muzyka Serc)
Bethel - Jedna Miłość, Woodstock 2012

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