Rock Hard

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Rock Hard Andrea Netopyr
Rock Hard Camille Szary
Rock Hard Torodd J. Rønning
Rock Hard Kira Leo
Rock Hard JoGi Vorm Herrn
Rock Hard Rafa Santos
Rock Hard Nikolai Börkel
Rock Hard Stian Carlsen
Rock Hard Kris Lein
Rock Hard Dennis Nonn
Rock Hard Luna Cooper
Rock Hard George Jäger
Rock Hard Bill Lyles
Rock Hard Jutta Wirtz

À propos de ce festival

Rock Hard Festival is a heavy metal and hard rock festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Organised and sponsored by the iconic German music magazine of the same name, the festival is hugely well loved and respected.

Taking place in the impressive Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, the festival welcomes a whole host of names from both Germany and the wider world to rock out with the thousands of fans in attendance.

Among those bringing the noise in June will be Behemoth, D-A-D and Candlemass.


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