There are at least two artists with the name Simo.

1. A Nashville based rock trio (active from 2010 to present)
2. A Korean rap artist (active from 2008 to present)

1. SIMO is virtuoso guitarist J.D. Simo, Justin Smith on bass, and Adam Abrashoff on drums. Born in the shadow of Wrigley Field, J.D. took up the guitar at an early age and obsessively studied the recorded works of his musical forefathers. Realizing at age 15 that music would be his life, he dropped out of school, hit the road, and has never looked back. Read more on

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SIMO - Be With You - electrifying encore at the Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland Dec 8, 2016
Simo - Stranger Blues (Let Love Show The Way)
SIMO - "Shine" (Official Music Video)