Stig Dogg

Stig Dogg

Stig Dogg A.K.A. Stig (born Pasi Siitonen) is a Finnish hip hop-musician, whose songs focus on partying and sex. He is best known for making fun of the American hiphop-culture, and for his popular song "Stigidilaatio", the title track and first single from his second album. The song was produced by DJPP and was a commercial success, gaining the 12th position on the official Finnish single chart, and still remains a hit today.
Stig Dogg claims to be the R.

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Stig Dogg feat.DJPP - Stigidilaatio
Stig Dogg "Vadelmasuklaa"
Stig Dogg - Stigidilaatio LIVE @ Silja Europa 21.3.2014

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