El Gouna, Egypt

3 - 5 Mai 2018

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  • SANDBOX is a three-day electronic music festival where DJs, artists and live acts from around the world come together to perform in one beautiful spot in Egypt that is El Gouna. In the SANDBOX, we have live entertainment, cold drinks flowing from our bars, food vendors and a beautiful beach where the crowd gets to enjoy a swim or for those who have an adventurous spirit get to ride their kites and surf through the winds.

    Enjoy some down time in the playground on our swings and see-saws and don't forget to pass by the merchandise store to take a piece of SANDBOX home with you and to keep and remember all year round and by the time you leave you will know it's not just about the music, it's about the experience! So, are you ready to play?


    Sandbox George Jäger
    Sandbox Elena Shapkina

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