Mayrhofen, Austria

8 - 13 Avril 2019

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  • Snowbombing provides the chance to party in and experience unique environments including the Forest Stage, The Racket Club, Spas & Saunas, Paragliding, Chairlift Speed-Dating, Cable Car-aoke, Alpine Yoga, Cable Car Raves, Ride & Seek, an award-winning Snow Park, Musical Bingo and The Snolympics. Visitors can eat authentic Austrian cuisine in real restaurants, ride in style in Snow Limos or see the incredible sights of Mayrhofen from the skies whilst trying Paragliding, all with the opportunity to stay in incredible accommodation options. From 5* spa luxury hotels with rooftop jacuzzis, chalets, pensions and apartments in the heart of central Mayrhofen to pocket friendly self catered apartments and cheaper options in the surrounding districts and the Zillertal Valley, Snowbombing has something for everyone.


    Snowbombing Abdessalam Adil
    Snowbombing Goran Kovačić
    Snowbombing Enrico Baldo
    Snowbombing Jamie Ellison
    Snowbombing Andre Mariz Ferreira
    Snowbombing Mike Araujo
    Snowbombing Philip Butler
    Snowbombing Joe Justice
    Snowbombing Christian Engelstoft
    Snowbombing CA Bloy
    Snowbombing Nicole Scally
    Snowbombing Pedro Correia
    Snowbombing Ben Pakenham
    Snowbombing Habibi Aminullah
    Snowbombing Krzysiek Nowicki
    Snowbombing Lars Postma
    Snowbombing Lukas Wieland
    Snowbombing Will Darley
    Snowbombing Andres Felipe Pavia
    Snowbombing Dominik Lídl Ledr
    Snowbombing Richard Boultwood
    Snowbombing Liam Roberts
    Snowbombing Vytas Neįdomu
    Snowbombing Liam Brady
    Snowbombing Yuval Yahalom

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