Paris, France

21 - 23 Juin 2019

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  • Solidays is a French music festival that raises money for the HIV and AIDS charity Solidarité Sida.

    Held at the famous Hippodrome de Longchamp in the east of Paris, the festival's lineup brings together internationally renowned acts from across the world. Stars of rock, pop, indie, hip hop and electronic music are all united in supporting the important cause at the heart of the festival.

    Each performer accepts a reduced fee, with all proceeds from the festival going towards fighting HIV and AIDS, primarily in Africa. In recent years the the festival has raised millions of euros, and has been involved in important projects across the globe.

    À l'affiche 2019


    Solidays Carine Carinette
    Solidays Walter Kloset
    Solidays Miki Lancaster
    Solidays Thierry Saïz
    Solidays Theresa Marie
    Solidays Amandine Verscheure
    Solidays Loïc Jacquard
    Solidays Russo Rodrigues
    Solidays Elliott Rs
    Solidays Enora Tîa
    Solidays Muriel Felez
    Solidays Benjamin Dardaine
    Solidays Jeremy Prieur
    Solidays Clément Chenu
    Solidays Sullivan Duconseil
    Solidays Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
    Solidays Bourbix Aeryci
    Solidays Victor Ben-Ayed
    Solidays Thomas St-Aigle Stadler

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