There are multiple artists with the name "Hat".

1) Hard rock band from Steinkjer, Norway with Remy Breivikås as lead singer. (written as HAT)
2) (written as HAT) Defunct ambient electronica trio featuring Haruomi Hosono (細野晴臣), Uwe Schmidt (Atom Heart) and Tetsu Inoue.
3) Solo artist who focuses on re-recording music from video games.
4) Black Metal band from Akershus, Norway. Have released 'The Demise of Mankind' (2009) and 'Vortex of Death' (2011). Read more on Last.fm

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HAT - Hidusjettkossdetsjerututtigangen
HAT - Ainna gång på Molly 2003
Hat - Vi rusla hainn i hainn med vadera

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