À propos de ce festival

The Subculture Festival is a cultural festival located in Folkets Park, Trollhättan. The festival was organized for the first time for 2 days, 12-13 August 2016.

The focus of the festival is subcultural and transnational interests, lifestyles and expressions. We have chosen to focus on subcultures such as goth, synth, postpunk, indie, metal, punk, emo, lolita, industrial, electronics and the like.

Subcult is a festival that includes music, art, dance, shows, theater, musicals, workshops, live markets and spex.

The festival also focuses on making a difference in society by highlighting important topics such as exclusion, discrimination, hate crime, bullying and accessibility. Read more about this under the heading Vision.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Subculture Festival, ranging from the devoted gothic and the embedded synthesizer to the curious person without any regard for subculture.

The festival is run ideally and thanks to financial project contributions, important collaborations and sponsorship, the Subculture Festival can be expanded.

Organizers behind the festival are a project group in the Cultural Association Subvox in cooperation with Trollhättan municipality as well as many different associations, organizations, projects and companies.


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