Tre Små Kinesere

Tre Små Kinesere

Tre Små Kinesere was a pop group based in Trondheim, Norway which, since their beginning in the 1990s, defined their own acoustic style. They recorded nine albums between then and 2004. The band was composed of Ulf Risnes (vocals and guitar), Øystein Hegge (vocals and keyboard), and Baard Slagsvold (vocals and bass).

Tre Små Kinesere was established in 1988 when the band recorded a track for the compilation album Den akustiske gitarliga. Read more on

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Tre små kinesere - Dørstokkmila
Tre Små Kinesere - Soleplassland (1990)
Tre Små Kinesere - Mennesket Bak Maska

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