Vračar Rocks
Vračar Rocks

À propos de ce festival

The "Vračar Rocks!" Festival aims to encourage young people to deal with music, networking and collaboration between bands and the popularization of the local rock scene.

Within the Center for Culture Bozidarac there is a concert hall that has recently been renovated and would like to restore the old significance from the time when many of the largest domestic groups here have held their first performances. We want to create a new creative center that allows all bands to feel well and offer the best of their music.

Young bands together with affirmed harder come to the venue for concerts, the presence of bands in the media and the picture of them is completely marginalized and from there our idea is to offer space that would be technical, conceptual and media fukcionalan for the festival aimed to revive the music scenes, bringing young people into a relaxed, organized space with all the standards for a live performance.

During each festival evening, several bands will perform, representing different music genres, but still have something in common, thus giving the audience the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of other bands whose performances are probably not before.

Festival VRAČAR ROCKS! is held every Friday in the Bozidarac Culture Center!


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