À propos de ce festival

In Egypt there are diverse forms of music expressing the cultures of every area in its musical instruments, musical scales, and melodies. And they truly represent musical treasures which have always been marginalized, unable to go beyond their areas to communicate with other cultures, this is mainly due to the association of this music to the classes and of the bottom of the social pyramid which is looked upon in condescending way by the official institutions, and also the side effects of globalization which weakens the local cultures and tries to fit it into a pattern corresponding with the western message of creating the global citizen..!!

Out of the vision and goals of El Mastaba center to revive these treasures and focusing the spotlight on it and presenting it to a wider audience and creating the space for it to interact with other peoples' music. The center is organizing "Wanas" international festival for peoples' music for the 3rd time from the 9th to 11th of November in the Greek campus in downtown with 9 local and international bands participating, 3 bands each day for the Cairo audience.


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