Gerardo Roschini is one of the best known producers of Unite Records. Working hard in his studio, his productions are in every djs case. Producing under many names as: Supaboyz, Smashing Guys, Ironblood and Machinehead, his biggest hit was Zairon - I Am Techno.
He also regularly teams up with other producers, making duos such as Tat & Zat (Tatanka & Zatox) Act & Zat, Wild Motherfuckers, ZTX and even Zatox & The Prophet.

Zatox releases primarily on Italian Hardstyle but recently he created his own label Unite Records Read more on

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[Hard Dance] - Razihel - Legends (feat. TeamMate) (Zatox Remix) [Monstercat FREE Release]
Coone - F.T.F.M.F(Ft Zatox)
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