À propos de ce festival

Wobbleland is the premier concert experience for fans of EDM music of all subgenres. You'll have your chance to see some of the hottest dance music artists perform on stage and get a feel of the bass in your chest. Wobbleland includes performers playing house, trance, dubstep and many other varieties of EDM.
A Lot of Wobble
It doesn't matter if you are a longtime fan of electronic music or just starting to figure out what the "wobble" is all about, Wobbleland is the perfect place to find a great collection of EDM performers that put all its unique spins - literally and figuratively - on dance music. What is now Wobbleland started as Alice in Wobbleland in 2010 and featured talents mostly from the Bay Area. The first couple of years saw subdued but still sizable crowds just enjoying the camaraderie and skills of DJs putting on a passion project for fans. Over time, word spread about the awesomeness of the event, and the sophomore year of Alice in Wobbleland experienced a bigger lineup and turnout. That's when it became "Wobbleland" for the first time and cemented itself as a big name in the EDM festival category.


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