Bergen, Norway

12 - 15 Junho 2019

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  • Bergenfest is a rock festival in Bergen, Norway. Starting as a small blues festival in 1993, Bergenfest has now expanded to offer a more diverse lineup, becoming one of Norway's premier festivals in the process.

    Taking place at the Bergenhus Fortress, the festival boasts one of the most unique locations in Scandinavia, with its main stage set next to the historical fortress' outer wall.

    Artistic creativity, history and a scenic setting meld to reaffirm the power of music.

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    Bergenfest Camille Szary
    Bergenfest Toralf Kvandal
    Bergenfest Vegard Vangsnes
    Bergenfest Tina Skjønhals
    Bergenfest Erik Hannisdal
    Bergenfest Irmelin Hiorth Ersvær
    Bergenfest Inge Kausland
    Bergenfest Hilde Rydland
    Bergenfest Julian K Enehaug
    Bergenfest Remi Landro
    Bergenfest Kjell Trengereid
    Bergenfest Ove Nesse
    Bergenfest Ida Sofie Grude
    Bergenfest Lene Steinsland Kvinge
    Bergenfest Thomas Wibom
    Bergenfest Stian Carlsen
    Bergenfest Jan Ove Rikheim
    Bergenfest Terje Sund
    Bergenfest Martin Berger Konglevoll
    Bergenfest Cathrine Steien Haugen
    Bergenfest Theo Mizutani
    Bergenfest Anders Abrahamsen Kurverud

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