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Dcode André Cruz
Dcode Jose SC
Dcode Ana Alarcon Martinez
Dcode Salvador F. Alandete Vicedo
Dcode Indie Festivals Debut
Dcode Catarina de Oliveira
Dcode Ro Si
Dcode Julio Gallego Estelrich
Dcode Helena Barreiro
Dcode Jose L. Garrido

Sobre este festival

DCODE Festival is one day rock and pop festival held annually in Madrid, Spain. Now in its ninth year, the festival has established itself as one of the Spanish capital's most eagerly anticipated summer events, with tickets always in high demand.

Regularly bringing fan favourites to the Complutense University campus, the lineups across the last few years have welcomed all manner of pop, rock and indie superstars, as well as newer acts on their ascent to stardom.


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