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Highfield is a a German rock and indie music festival, held for three days each August in Leipzig.

Now over 20 years old, the festival has welcomed the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and NOFX since its first edition more than two decades ago.

Hugely respected across the continent, Highfield pairs a top-tier rock and indie lineup with a beautiful setting by taking place at Störmthaler See: a large manmade lake complete with beaches and luscious green countryside.


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Highfield Julia Lang
Highfield Franziska Göbel
Highfield Nastassia Rainer
Highfield Nico Mehnert
Highfield Thorsten-Simon Thoms
Highfield Yasin Gh
Highfield Michèle Otto
Highfield Stan Ley
Highfield Simo Steinkühler
Highfield Anna Otto
Highfield Groß H Klein L
Highfield Niklas Mattern
Highfield Tina Wepunkt
Highfield Jacques G. Klein
Highfield Svenja Gro
Highfield Jennifer Klein
Highfield Dominik Roswodowski
Highfield Kris Lein
Highfield Klaus Dieter
Highfield Simon Tuschke
Highfield George Jäger
Highfield André Heindel
Highfield Jörg AusAukrug
Highfield Monic Neuenfeldt
Highfield Joanna Voigt
Highfield Felix Wolf
Highfield Jasmin Mine
Highfield Anna Trierweiler
Highfield Nathalie Dammann
Highfield Antje Schümichen
Highfield Fabian Roos
Highfield Johannes Weber
Highfield Rita Madio
Highfield Maximilian Marschall
Highfield Phillipp Sprung