Kieler Woche
Kieler Woche

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Even in its 135th year, Kieler Woche still plays a virtuoso performance on the keyboard of festivity: Kieler Woche is the largest summer festival in Northern Europe. From 17 to 25 June, more than three million visitors from all over the world will be diving into the colourful and multi-facetted life of Kieler Woche.

Around 2.000 events in areas of culture, sailing, summer festival, entertainment, science, politics, industry and sport come together to form a maritime symphony. Visitors are promised nine days of high spirits in the far North.

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Kieler Woche Sebastian Lübbert
Kieler Woche Ilka Pitzka
Kieler Woche Colin Kavanagh
Kieler Woche Jan Wyr
Kieler Woche Bernd Peter
Kieler Woche George Jäger
Kieler Woche Dan Schltt
Kieler Woche Angela Booß