MOX - Music Outdoor Experience
MOX - Music Outdoor Experience

MOX - Music Outdoor Experience

Poieni, Romania
11 - 14 Julho 2019
Rock, Rap & Hip Hop, Punk, World, Reggae

Sobre este festival

Music Outdoor Experience, a festival like a trip with mountain friends, reaches its sixth summer this year. The event, which started from a mountain birthday, brought together 5,000 participants in the summer of 2016 on the plateau at Valea Draganului, Cluj County.

MOX is an event that takes place in a breathtaking place, it is the first touristic festival in Romania that aims to combine a music festival with a relaxing mountain trip, tents, hammocks, swings, workshops , waterslides, sunsets at 1000+ m altitude, competitions, clean air, fun and good will, and that's what he did.


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