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Rebellion Punk Music

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Rebellion Festivals is the largest INDEPENDENT Punk / Alternative music festival in the world. Over 4 days every August in Blackpool, the very best in Punk gather for the social event of the year. Many treat it as a main holiday and come every year so there is a very familiar feel to the weekend and it's like one big family - all 4000 of us! All forms of punk are represented with Anarcho bands playing alongside '77 Punks groups on the same bill as Oi bands sharing the same stage as UK82 style bands who are appearing with Street Punk outfits next to the new breed of young punk bands coming through etc etc.....! We also have an acoustic stage and an alternative stage BIZARRE BAZAAR which has comedy, burleque dancing and a variety of other entertainment........Oh yeah, and there is PUNK ROCK BINGO!

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Rebellion Punk Music Lisa Sunshine
Rebellion Punk Music Alejandro Cuervo
Rebellion Punk Music Koukou Roukou
Rebellion Punk Music Emily L. McArthur
Rebellion Punk Music Terje Sund
Rebellion Punk Music Rosie McGrath
Rebellion Punk Music Steve Hobbs
Rebellion Punk Music Staffan Åberg
Rebellion Punk Music Holly Openshaw