Sonar Reykjavik

Sonar Reykjavik

Reykjavík, Iceland

16 - 17 Março 2018

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  • Sónar Reykjavík is an alternative music festival and conference. The festival is part of the worldwide Sónar series which combines the best up-and-coming talent with lectures, roundtables and interactive explorations on the ever evolving relationship between technology and creativity.

    All Sónar festivals strike a balance between thought provoking discussion and hip-shaking partying, creating nourishment for both intellect and emotion.

    Taking over the world famous Harpa, the entire building is transformed into an ode to cutting edge artistry, with parties popping up in unexpected places soundtracked by some of the best DJs in the world.

    Cartaz 2018


    Sonar Reykjavik Lee Waites
    Sonar Reykjavik Christian Engelstoft
    Sonar Reykjavik Drífa Ísleifsdóttir
    Sonar Reykjavik Fab Cor
    Sonar Reykjavik Ana Rodrigues

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