Welcome to The Village

Welcome to The Village

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

20 - 22 Julho 2018

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  • Welcome to The Village is the most experimental pop festival of the Northern Netherlands. From 19 until 22 July we will be transforming De Groene Ster into a village where you can explore what the world will look like in 5, 15 or 50 years time.

    It's a green, spacious environment for you to roam the beach or have a nap in the woods, and where your friends will always be around. A place where big festival names will be performing, but also a place to discover emerging talent: from searing guitars to danceable world music and from hip-hop to singer-songwriters.

    This is not only a music festival though, it's also a festival of theater, innovation, art, dance, food and design.


    Welcome to The Village Anika Postma
    Welcome to The Village Саша Уновист
    Welcome to The Village João Alvarez

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