All you need to know about going to a festival by yourself

All you need to know about going to a festival by yourself

Sometimes I feel like there are so many festivals that I would love to go, but can’t find any of my friends to go with me. Usually, they’re just busy, or they can’t make it on those dates. Others, they can’t be bothered with the type of music I like. How strange would it be for me to go alone? Last year, I set to find that out.

Listen, I felt weird at first. I couldn’t stop looking at my phone, which soon became my best friend (on that note, keep it charged and carry a power bank). But soon I found out that standing alone in the middle of a crowd isn’t weird at all. I bet you won’t too. You’ll look around, sing and dance, and you’ll give a smile to the person next to you that entails secret messages, “Hey, I like this band! You seem to like it too, aren’t they awesome?”. You might become friends. Or maybe not, but that’s okay as well. Some little tricks might help you meet new people. You can offer some extra food to your tent neighbors, or help out if someone’s in dire need of a flashlight. Or just the opposite, maybe you need some duck tape and will just have to yell it out. Volunteering is a great way to go to a festival by yourself and a sure way to meet new people.

But who needs friends when the next act is already playing in the other stage? And you know what, you can move as fast or as slow as you want. No other people’s bathroom breaks or stops at the bar.

I didn’t end up the whole festival by myself, as I eventually found familiar faces and meet friends of friends. We went to see some acts together and then parted ways, no big deal.

In the music breaks, I set out to explore all the festival had to offer. This brand experience, I tried it. That freebie, I took it. I had never felt as I was missing out on a festival when I  was with my friends, but being alone allowed be to try everything without having to discuss where were we going every 20 minutes. When I got hungry, I took my time to choose what I was going to eat, having just me to choose what I was not going to see at the time. Then I sat down and just observed enjoying the experience. And guess what, it didn’t seem strange at all.

Cover Photo © CestLaVibe