Roskilde is the largest cultural and music festival in northern Europe. Primarily a music festival, you will hear a mix from new and upcoming bands to old legends. 

Photo credit Stiig Hougesen

The festival started on 1971 and has been non-profit since 1972. All profits go to charity; supporting humanitarian, cultural and non-profit projects around the world. Around 32,000 volunteers work before, during and after the festival preparing and organising everything from building the festival grounds to cleaning the toilets during the week-long event. Find out all about 2017 edition at Roskilde Line up. 

There are several options available for experiencing Roskilde. You can buy a day-ticket, buy the ticket for the whole week (already sold out) and stay in the camping areas or you can volunteer and have access to the quieter volunteer camps where you just might get the sleep you need to wake up for you shift the following day. Children under the age of 12 have free access and you cam call it a festival kids-friendly.


Roskilde is a 30 minutes train-ride from Copenhagen Central Station. During the festival there is a special train that goes to Roskilde station and the festival. The train ride takes 10 minutes and costs about 25DKK per person (€3.36). Buy your tickets on the platform (cash only). At Roskilde, most of the festival stands take credit cards.

Photo Credits Stiig Hougesen


A quick list for you to check:

- Tent – remember there has to be room for luggage and beer.
- A comfy air mattress and a pillow.
- Small shoulder bag for the essentials when going to the concert grounds. Preferably one which is not easy to open or click loose to avoid theft.
- Clothes – it can be warm during the day but cold at night when you go to see concerts. So wear layers.
- Rain jacket and gumboots – the weather can be unpredictable.
- Sunscreen and sunglasses – Choose sunglasses you can afford to lose, there’s a good chance you might.
- Sneakers or other comfortable shoes – expect to walk about 20,000 steps a day.
- Hand sanitiser – pocket size.
- Tissues in case toilets runs out of toilet paper.

Photo Credits Thomas Kjær


Base camp – People sharing a specific camping area usually have a camp name. Some camps even have a camp-flag, which they carry around when at the concerts. This helps friends find each other when meeting up or coming back with more beer. Many festival guests return year after year to the flags have become a solid tradition. They don’t just come back for the music; contributing to a good cause while having a great time with family and friends is all part of the Roskilde experience.

Services&Facilities - You will find out Cooking Facilities to do your own cooking; charging stations at the cloakrooms for electronic devices and portable volt chargers that you can rent; Cold showers free of charge;  cloakroom; recycling stations; Laundrette; Super market; Pharmacy; Free water; swimming and fishing lake. 

Choose your own party adventure – You will always find new friends to party with at one of the camping grounds – even if it’s 5am and the sun is rising. Many camps have their own sound system set up on wheels (danish modern style) so they can move the party wherever it’s needed. So sleep is never guaranteed at the popular party camping areas.

Safety – The best thing about the festival is the happy atmosphere everywhere you go. People are there to have fun and to enjoy music and bond with their friends. There is a real sense of community so you may not encounter crime or fights (despite the combination of thousands of guests and lots of alcohol) as you might at other festivals. However, it is still a huge festival so stay close to friends and look out for each other. The police are present and walk around the campsites during day and night.

Traditions – The festival has many great traditions, which have been created over many years and the returning festival guests keeps these traditions alive every year, like “The Naked Run” or the run to be the first man/woman on the concert ground while all volunteers are cheering and clapping at the festival guests to welcome them to the concert ground.

Now you are ready and just have to enjoy another great edition of Roskilde. 

Banner photo credits Christian Hjorth