Floating Electronic Music Festival of the Year: The Ark Cruise 2017

Floating Electronic Music Festival of the Year: The Ark Cruise 2017

Praise yourself, electronic music lover, for your wildest clubbing dreams are about to come true!

This summer it’s time to take partying to a whole new level of experience, comparable only to what biblical Noah would have done if he would have had this variety of DJ’s and party animals on board.

We’re talking about next year’s largest music festival on a cruising ship: The Ark Cruise 2017.

The Ark Cruise is one of the world's most luxurious cruise liners with 4,000 clubber - passengers, enjoying seven stages hosted by the likes of leading dance brands FACT, Elrow, Ministry of Sound and key Belgian club partners.


The cruise ship is about to start the electronic sailing journey on 31st of August in Barcelona, and from there will travel to Ibiza, where it will dock for an entire day.

Passengers will have the opportunity to disembark and explore the island before heading to the French city of Marseille.

During the final evening and overnight, on 3rd of September, the ship will set course for Barcelona again, where it will arrive the next day.

This will be the final act of the tremendous music and sailing adventure.

There will be a great variety of electronic music genres and first-class entertainments. Stage hosts are artists working with labels such as Ministry of Sound, Girls love DJs, Deep House Amsterdam, Kitsch Club, Kelly Palmer or Barcelona FACT.


You will definitely enjoy your staying and free partying on the “Freedom of the Seas” ship from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Four thousand people can comfortably fit. Given this number, it’s one of the biggest party cruises in the world.


Prices start from € 549 and can go up to € 4.449 if you’re in for some luxurious four days stay. You can consult and find the best packages here.

But hurry up if you don’t want to miss this cruise: half of the tickets have already been sold!


Inspired by Noah’s 10 Commandments few thousands years ago, The Ark Cruise adopted and adapted a set of boarding and festival rules, but don’t worry...

These rules are common sense for any clubbing event! Add some good weather on the sea and thousands enthusiastic festival-goers to that, and there you go: it’s going to be awesome!


So, still wondering what makes The Ark Cruise 2017 so special? Then picture yourself in this floating, full-comfort club, amongst the most elegant electronic music creators and the most special crowd and crew. The collaboration with popular clubs and party concepts in Europe guarantees the DJ’s are going to get what’s best out of their gigs.

Eventually, you might feel like an unique creature on the Ark, lucky to be part to this one-time floating experience. Saved from clubbing by land and brought to the sea to experience the miracle of music and partying like no others!