Festivals are meant to be a fun way to experience music you love live. They’re supposed to be sun filled days, that make your heart all warm and tingly with happiness. That might not be the case if you are willing to attend a rainy, muddy festival.

If you’re willing to step through the mud just to enjoy some well deserved songs, we salute you. Therefore bear in mind, because it might help you to follow these tips if you'd like to have the most comfortable experience possible.


Predicted precipitation

Always check the weather conditions beforehand and if there is any chance of rain, you will want to have it covered (literally). Weather apps that can give you rain percentages* or precipitation quantities are a good start to figure out if it will be drizzle or pouring down.

*Protip: Have you ever think what actually rain percentage means? Here's the quick answer: it means that for a given area (let's say a whole city), it will rain on said percentage of area.


Rain boots or shoes you’re willing to throw away

Everyone will look awful during a rainy festival, it’s a fact. So it’s best to now worry about fashionable shoes, and bringing some good ol’ wellies or boots you don’t mind getting mud on. The best is to think of washable materials and shoes that don’t absorb water as a thirsty 20 year old looking for beer.



Not under my umbrella-ella-ella

Not all festivals allow you to bring an umbrella, and if they do, you’re going to have to carry that thing the whole day. Plus, amidst the crowd, it more likely serves as a dangerous hazard that can hit an eye than something that can protect anyone of a never ending downpour. Considering all the dry spots will be filled with people hiding from the rain, your best bet is to bring a light raincoat. Forget about the rain ponchos: they’re uncomfortable, sweaty and sticky. Switch them for a raincoat with a hoodie that you can pack somewhere small.



Warm clothes

That brings us to the next item: dry socks. It’s all about keeping warm. Bring an extra pair or two of socks. In fact, make that also an extra hoodie. You know what, clothes are just going to get wet, so just don’t freeze all night long.



Enjoy it anyhow

Don’t let the rain take the fun out of it. Enjoy your festival, make it memorable! Laugh at your mates falling in the mud, sing in the rain and drink your watered down drinks with no shame. Just be sure to be prepared afterwards for drying up and not getting sick, but until leaving the festival, everything goes!