Sónar – 15-17 June, Barcelona, Spain

Just two weeks have passed since Primavera Sound and Barcelona has already another great festival to deal with. Sónar, as the former mentioned, achieved to make brand and create siblings around the world. In what is its 24th edition, this year brings, as usual, a quality lineup in terms of electronic music: Justice (alive and well, as we saw in NOS Primavera), Jon Hopkins, Little Dragon, Nicolas Jaar, DJ Shadow, Soulwax and Moderat, with the likes of De La Soul as well are more than enough for once more Sónar bringing you a memorable festival.


Best Kept Secret – 16-18 June, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

It is no big secret the quality of a festival when Radiohead and Arcade Fire are among the headliners. And following the name’s trend we won’t reveal much more, only that it is by now one of the best festivals in Netherlands, and more so Central Europe. Keep that in your mind.


Glastonbury Festival – 21-25 June, Pilton, Somerset, England

But enough of trying to come up with fancy names for your festivals. In the old days, we just named it after the local in which they would happen. And for that the population of Glastonbury must thank those people who thought raising big flags in the middle of the mud was a fun idea.

Still kicking since 1970, with some fallow years in between – it seems now the trend is five in a row and then a year of sabbatical, and this edition is the fifth in line, so enjoy it! – the festival really needs no introduction. And just to vouch for its magnitude, Radiohead again on tour, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran are the sort of headliners that just make sense in Glastonbury. Let’s pray for the weather and return safe in 2019, Glastonbury!


Friday 23 June 2017 @radiohead

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Roskilde Festival – 24-30 June, 1 July, Roskilde, Denmark

Again, the name of a city is involved in a historic European festival: Roskilde is just a year younger than Glastonbury, but it ran yearly ever since, going for its 47th!

Roskilde did adapt to modern sonorities as well. The Weeknd, Lorde, Solange and A Tribe Called Quest are great names who avoid the rock spectre. But for the rockers out there don’t worry, because we can find the usual suspects: Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, heck, even surprisingly outsiders from the European festivals Blink 182! It just shows that sometimes you can make it big and the faithful to your roots. Also, did you know that Roskilde situates in the biggest island of Denmark, Zealand? It’s almost like a party in your own private island… with two million other people there residing, actually, nevermind, it’s still worthwhile.


Banner photo © Chris Ellis