In the festival world, sibling festivals will sometimes share a name and nothing else. With different locations across the globe, a festival with the same first name can be found by the beach or right in a city center. It can even speak several different languages and happen several months or years apart. Lineups will be split and shared, but each version will have its own personality.

Primavera Sound

Just a week and a country apart, Primavera Sound (31 May-4 June) shares the name with its Portuguese version, NOS Primavera Sound (8-10 June). With a massive lineup, the Spanish version shares roughly a third of it with Oporto. The older brother is colossal compared to its sea-side version, with 10 stages opposed to 4, but the later stands its ground with unbeatable comfort. Both offer some amazing environments, using city parks as backgrounds and the sea as a go-to spot during the day. As it would only take you a short flight from one city to the other, attending both festivals seems to be doable, and it would give you the opportunity to enjoy Barcelona’s excitement with Oporto’s charm.


Brazilians are well known for being one of the best audiences in the world, so it’s no surprise that they got their own Lollapalooza Brazil. Straight from Grant Park, Chicago, to São Paulo, Lollapalooza (3-6 August) has expanded its brand to fit all audiences and bring bands to South America. And yes, we haven’t forgot. Besides Brazil, there’s also a Lollapalooza in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Berlin. Line-ups are mostly similar in Latin countries, obeying to no genre rules and getting rock and hip-hop artists to share the stage. We have heard rumours about a Paris version, but who knows. Getting a new Lolla might just be in any country’s books.

Rock in Rio

One of the biggest in the world, Rock in Rio is a bi-yearly festival that has had many siblings in the last decade. With most  foreign editions happening in Lisbon, the festival has also happened in Madrid and in the USA. Best known for its jaw dropping headliners, Rock in Rio has its own theme song and it’s a family runned business that split their time in every country their festival visits. With a not so regular calendar, Rock in Rio is always not only a surprise, but gathering of unbelievable crowds.


Not only a music festival, Sónar (15-17 June) is an event that gathers carefully selected acts and artists that represent innovation at its best. With a mostly electronic lineup, Sónar is taking its brand to the coolest of places. Want to see northern lights and see amazing music? Sónar Reykjavik has your back. Interested in old school byzantine history and mind blowing acts? Sónar Istanbul knows what you’re looking for. Want to explore a cosmopolitan oriental city and discover what everyone will love in 2017? Here’s Sónar Hong Kong. Sónar is making its best at turning themselves into a around-the-year festival in amazing locations, and no one can say they’re not becoming the best at it.


Yet another festival from Chicago crosses over the borders. With the original based in Grant Park, the younger Pitchfork made its debut in 2011 in Paris. Although having major differences in both lineups and environments, the two share the name and a curated selection of artists that reached top marks in the online magazine. While in Pitchfork Chicago (14-16 July) you can enjoy the outdoors and skyscrapers, Pitchfork Paris takes you to the delightful La Villette venue, and adds little shops and specially built for the occasion surprises, like a Pitchfork Paris pinball machine.