Why Keeping All Music Festivals in One Place Keeps You Healthy

Why Keeping All Music Festivals in One Place Keeps You Healthy

Music festivals are probably the best chance to make the most out of your free spirit potential. But with so many live events happening out there, it seems almost impossible to avoid the fear of missing out something really meaningful.

In a survey conducted by Eventbrite last year, it turns out that 69% of young people in US are suffering from anxiety due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). So if you also find yourself asking ‘Am I missing something?’ in the middle of a live performance, stop blaming yourself!

Here’s 3 suggestions to save you from trouble:


       1. Go for the experience, not for the brand!

Everyone’s going to Glasto? Sold out tickets to Tomorrowland? Too bad you can’t join…

Instead of freaking out, convince two of your best friends to join you on a festival adventure that’s not so popular yet. Stop comparing in terms of popularity and go for a ‘hidden’  natural Music Festival option, if it pleases you.

You’ll be surprised how many new, alternative festivals can offer an unforgettable experience out there.


      2. Keep all festivals in one place!  

OK, for those who can’t take the first advice as ‘problem solved’ option, here’s more you can do: use the technology, smarty :)

FOMO people are forgetful planners. But their smartphones aren’t! Having all music festivals in one place is now possible: try FestivAll app, we made it for people like you ;)

And if you still have problems in choosing future live moments you want to attend to, we figured this one out too: browse through hundreds of artists, playlists, dates and important details, all arranged in a logical way. Get your tickets in time, by just pressing the red button. Easy enough?


     3. Savor the moment

Take time to linger over pleasurable musical experiences, rather than rushing through them in quest of the next thrill. In other words, you don’t need to run from stage to stage just because you want to see it all. Nor ignore your favorite artist’s set because you think where to place yourself in the next selfie.

Sometimes, choosing just 3 artist performances for one night, can give you plenty of time to socialise and have fun with friends and other festival goers. The rest is just forgetting stress.

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